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RCCG City of David

Together in His love

Living in His Harmony

Prophetic Declaration Conference (PDC)

Prophetic Declaration Conference (PDC) PDC was a vision God gave to us for the liberation of His people from satanic oppression by annually reviving His people and the nation in preparation for Christ’s second coming. Few are on the highway to HEAVEN! While many are on the highway to HELL!

PDC is a salvation medium to reconnect man back with his/her maker. We believe with individual and national revival, many will tread the path of righteousness. Generation blessings has eroded human for many years due to generational curses.

PDC is a place where covenants are renewed with God annually for man to enjoy Abrahamic blessings. Many glories had been consumed by sicknesses, infirmity, barrenness of all kinds. Many glories are buried.

At PDC, heads are lifted up again, glories are restored again and there is repossession of inheritance. PDC is an annual event, strategically positioned at the beginning of the year. It helps deal with past year’s carryover and for a new walk with God in the New Year. Shalom. 

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